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Go4Campus Coloring Contest Winners 2017-2018

Go4Campus has conducted various art competitions every year for the school children aiming in bringing their interest at art level.Every year, we visit the schools and invite them to participate in the competition. Students from pre-school to 5th Standard are asked for participation. Each Standard gets a different exciting, relevant and positive topic every year.

360-degree View of Schools / Colleges

360-degree virtual tour becomes the single most beneficial medium to highlight the locational and infrastructural facilities of the school. The 360 degree virtual tour facilitates parents across the world to have a direct virtual experience of the campus and help them to take a positive decision to choose the school for their children.

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    • Do schools help or hinder social mobility?
    • Which university names will really get you a job?
    • Gravesend women's football pioneer wins Uefa award
    • Going back to school in a war zone
  • Facts

    • There are more trees on Earth than stars in our galaxy
    • Oxygen has a color
    • Only one letter doesn’t appear in the periodic table
    • Bananas are radioactive
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    • Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Laptop as a Student
    • How To Build Your Academic Network
    • Five Tips for Fighting Anxiety In Graduate School
    • Things You Can Improve in the New Academic Year

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