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Miscellaneous Letters

Asking MMm to give stalk.

Dear DrLau,

Our school is organhang tot anti-dadah week from 6th March to l&h Match. We have several tomgs in mind and one of them is a talk by a ‘dadah’ expert We decided that you would be the brat person to deliver such a tall for we know you have vast experience on this subject.

We would be most gratefid if you could give a talk for about an hour on the dangers of drug addiction or any other related item. We have tentatively set the talk at 4 pan. on 7th March m the school hall There would be a couple of other speakers but you would he the main one. Please let us know tf our request is acceptable to you. If the time and date is inconvenient for you do suggest an alternative. Please contact us if you have any queries.


Letter to email-order company threatening to take matter to authorities.

Dear Sir,

Please note that from 12th December my new address will


[New Address]

Yours faithfully,

Letter to mail-order company complaining of missing items.

Dear Sir,

Order number

I recently purchased a book from you. In your brochure you explicitly stressed that a free gift will accompany the purchase. However when the book arrived by mail this morning. I did not find any free gift along with die book.

One of the reasons why I purchased the book is because of the free gift Could you please send what is due to me?

Yours faithfully,

Letter ordering mail-order goods.

Dear Sir,

I wish to order the following item:

1 set Beginner’s Electronic Course $75.00

Postage $5.00

Total $80.00

I enclose a postal order of valud $80.00 as payment I look

forward to receiving the goods from you.

Yours faithfully,

Rejecting a persistent complaint

Dear Mr.

Thank you for your letters.

I have investigate all the points you have raised in your previous letters. I must say that your persistent complaints about shoddy goods and unsatisfactory service are not justified.

We had taken great pains to meet your demands but it seems that you are still not happy. I do not know what else we can do to satisfy you.

I am sorry but I am unable to act on these matters any further. Perhaps you may find another company than can satisfy you.

Yours sincerely,


Writing to a potential pen-pal Introducing yourself.




Your other salespersons were busy with other customers. So after 10 minutes or so I went home empty-handed.

I doubt that I would come to your shop again if such rudeness persists. I merely wanted a pair of shoes. Don’t 1 have the right to choose what 1 like? Or I am subject to the moods of your salesgirl?

Your faithfully,

Notifying potential customers of a new business.

[Company Letterhead)

Dear Householder,

We are a newly established company dedicated to give expert services to householders in your area. We provide: •ptumhtatg services •electrical services •general services

by qualified and experienced personnel.

We also rent out:

•chairs and tables for parties etc.

•dexion sheds and canvas.

Our estimates are free and our prices are very reasonable. If you need any of these services we will be delighted to hear from you.

Yours faithfully,

Complaint about inadequate toilet facilities.

MrG.TWee Personnel Manager {Name of company]

Dear Mr Wee.

Our company staff has increased many times over the past few years. However our male staff toilet leaves much to be desired. One sink and two cubicles are fine for 10 male employees. Now we have over 50 men queuing to use the grossly inadequate toilet Also the stench item foe overused urinals does nothing good for our well-being. In cases of emergency we have to run down to the public toilet opposite our company.

Thank You

Complaint about canteen food.

Mr P. Maniam Personnel Manager [Company Name]

Dear Mr Maniam,

I wish to draw attention to the standard of food provided by our canteen.

Ever since the new caterer took over our canteen, the standard of the food provided has; dropped drastically. First of all, there aren’t much varieties to choose from. Next the food are of distinct low quality. Finally I suspect they include the previous day’s leftovers in their daily menu.

I notice that most of our staff, including me, have resorted to bringing our own lunch. Sometimes we go down to the stalls or forgo lunch completely. I prefer to go hungry than to have a stomachache from eating stale food, something that has happened to me twice. I do not wish for any repeat

Could you check into this matter and get the caterers to provide better service, or it necessary, get better caterers?

school prefect He held the post of President ofthe Science & Mathematics Society. He was also the secretary of the Red Cres¬cent Society.

For the last two years he represented the district and school in hockey. He is also a fine middle-distance runner.

Despite his obvious abilities, Sugumaran is very humble and modest There is never ahint of arroganceinhim.

I recommend him foily for post ttit iR for.

This versatile young man wili be an asset to any company that haw thegoodfortuneofsecuringhis services.



Letter requesting free brochure/free sample* of advertised goods.

[Name & address] [Date]


[Name & address of company]

Dear Sir,

Please send me a free brochure of your Ultimate Fitness Course as advertised in the newspapers recently.

Yours faithfully,

A letter of acknowledgement.

Dear Mr Tan,

Thank you very much for your letter enquiring about the possibility of doing part-time work for us.

At present we have all the part-time help we require, but as part-timers come and go at a fast rate we will always require them from time to time, so as soon as we require your services we will contact you.

Yours sincerely,

Asking for quotation of goods.

Dear Sir,

I am looking for a reliable computer system for my personal use. I require it mainly for word-processing. It should have at least 40 MB memory (or more) for I shall be using it a lot. Could you please give your best quotation for a complete system together the necessary word-processing software?

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

(S.N. Chong)

A letter of acknowledgement.

Dear Mr Tan,

Thank you very much for your letter enquiring about the possibility of doing part-time work for us.

At present we have all the part-time help we require, but as part-timers come and go at a fast rate we will always require them from time to time, so as soon as we require your services we will contact you.

Yours sincerely,

Reply giving quotation of goods.
Dear Mr Chong,

Thank you for your enquiring about our computers. We have a system that may suit your needs. Basically the system consists of:-

1. One IBM-compatible 80386-SX computer running at 25 MHz; 2 MB on board;

One 40 MB hard disk; One 5.25″

floppy drive; one VGA monitor $3200.00

2. One Texan Laserjet Printer $3250.00

3. One WordBest word-processing package $1250.00

Total $7700.00

We recommend you pay us a visit at our showroom. There are other systems available beside what we quoted above. It is best you come and have a look so that you can choose the most suitable system for your needs.

Yours sincerely,

(C.K. Low) Manager

Booking a place at a meeting.

Dear Sir,

I wish to book a place at your meeting on 20th August in my name, Abraham Sung.

I enclose a cheque for amount $80.00 as payment in full. Please acknowledge receipt of my cheque and confirmation of my place. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Letter accompanying a gift.

Dear Mike,

Congratulations on your 21st Birthday!

Please allow me to send you a gift for the occasion. You are now officially an adult. How does that feel?

I won’t be able to attend your birthday party as I work so far away. Anyhow I wish all the best in your future ventures.

Your friend,


Confirmation of place in meeting.


I enclose a receipt for your payment for a place at our meeting. Rest assured I have reserved a place for you. I look forward to seeing you at the meeting. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Giving a favorable reference. Private & Confidential

Dear Mr Lingam,

With regards to your letter about William Lim, I can say that you would be a lucky employer to have him in you company. I should say that he is one of our best sales executive. He has spoken to me about his desire to leave because he wants to return to his home-town where your company is, to look after his aged parents.

I will be sorry to let him go, but he has to look after his interests first.

Yours sincerely,

James Ong

Giving a qualified reference.

Dear Mr Lingam,

With regards to your letter about William Lim, I can assure you that he is both trustworthy and diligent. However he is not a person who will adhere strictly to rules and regulations. All he needs are general instructions about what to do and he will do them his way. I have nothing against his ways although sometimes he can be quite unorthodox. Still he brings result

He intends to leave us because he wants to work in his home town, where your company is, so that he is closer to his aged parents. You can see this as another plus point for him.

Yours sincerely,

(James Ong)