Business Invitation letter for Visa

Dear George Good day! Please be informed that an employee from ABC Company is invited for a business visit to our company, AQC Company, located on 6th Avenue, 4th floor, West main street. The purpose of this visit is to discuss the matter for visa application. The duration of the visit shall be from 1st June to 15th June. During […]

Invitation for an official meeting

Dear Reena , Good day! I would like to thank your company for the continued business partnership for 20 years and for helping us reach our target sales this year.  A business meeting has been scheduled in order to discuss next year’s business plans and to highlight each company’s role, on 21st Jan at 10 am in 12th Avenue, Park Steet. […]

Engagement party

Mr Ashish Khanna wishes to invite his friend Mr Vikash Mehra to his brother’s engagement party. Draft an informal invitation in about 50 words. 12/16 Rajendra NagarNew Delhi15th July 20XXMy Dear VikashYou will be happy to know that my brother is getting engaged on 25th July 2019. You and your family are cordially invited. My […]

Respond informally to the invitation

You are Dr Mahesh Sharma  and you have received an invitation from the Director, Health Services, New Delhi to attend a workshop on ‘Child Care’ on 5th  May. Many leading practitioners of the state have been invited to grace the occasion. Respond informally to the invitation in about 50 words.   19 XYZ Road New […]

Invitation to a ‘Musical Nite’

You are Vivek Yadav. Write a formal acceptance of an invitation to a ‘Musical Nite’ organised by your neighbour, Mr. Iqbal Rasool.. 5 December 2019 Vivek Yadav is pleased to receive an invitation to the ‘Musical Nite’ organised by Mr Iqbal Rasool at his residence and confirms his participation. Best wishes Vivek Yadav

Invite his staff to the New Year party

The Managing Director of Saffron International Ltd, desires to invite his staff to the New Year party. Design an informal invitation in about 50 words for the occasion. Dear staff members, You would be pleased to know that Saffron International Ltd is organising a party on the New Year at 9 p.m. It would be […]

Inviting a person as a juge

St Martins SchoolRam Mandir RoadVeer Park, Mumbai Date – 5th December 2019 Mr Rahul SharmaPrincipalSt. Stephens School, Mumbai   Subject – Invitation as a judge “Inter-school debate 2019 Dear sir   St. Martins School has been given the privilege of hosting the “Inter-school debate 2019”. We would be obliged if you could spare time from […]

Invitation for a meeting

FromNameAddress Date ToNameAddress Subject – Invitation to Annual General Meeting    Dear sir I want to invite you for an essential Annual General Meeting on 14th October 2019.  Please find the attachment regarding the agenda of the meeting. The meeting will be held for three hours. The refreshments will be provided for all attendees. Please […]

Official Invitation letter for house party

FromNameAddress   Date 11/08/2019   ToNameAddress   Subject – Official invitation to a house party   It will be a great pleasure to have your warm presence in the house party. We will be honoured if you come to our party and the party will be delighted with your auspicious presence. I hope you will […]

Invitation letter official purpose

From, Name Address Date: 11/10/2020 To Name, Address Subject – Official Invitation to an office party It will be a great pleasure to have your warm presence at the ___________(venue). We will be honoured if you come to our party and our party will become more delighted with your auspicious presence. It is thereby informed […]