Copyright and Permissions department
Brighton Gazette
876 Baker Street
PensilvileFrom: Stanley Michaelson
481 Brighton Street
PensilvileDate: 16th February 2017Dear Sir/Madam,



I am a blogger in Pensilvile and I specialize in writing articles about cars. I am writing this letter to request permission to reuse one of your published texts. The text I am interested in was published on 12th February 2017. It was titled ‘Top four-wheel cars of 2017’. It was written by Robert Sanders.

I really enjoyed the article and how well researched it was. I would like to copy the entire article and use it in my blog. I am aware that you own the rights to all your articles so I saw it best to ask for permission before using the article.

If you grant me permission I will make sure I clearly identify you as the source of the information and I believe we will both benefit from the arrangement. I have provided my email and a link to my online blog at the bottom.

Thank you in advance.

Your sincerely
Stanley Michaelson
Email: [email protected]

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