You visited the Water Park in your city as part of school excursion. You noticed that the water was not clean and also had a stale smell which could result in many water borne diseases. Taking ideas from the unit, Health and your own ideas, write a letter in about 120 words to the editor of a local newspaper about your experience on visiting the place and how the polluted water would affect the visitors. Include the precautions that should be taken in the Water Park. You are Navya/Neeraj




Vivek  Vihar
New Delhi
14th May, 2017
The Editor
The Hindu
New Delhi


Subject: Critical Condition of Water Park


Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to share my experience with one and all that I had during my recent visit to the Water Park. We visited the place as a part of school exclusion but were shocked to see its plight. The water in the park was dirty and a stale smell was emnating from it. It can result in many water borne diseases. There were very few visitors due to the degrading condition.
I want to make the concerned authorities aware that they must ensure the regular cleaning of water at proper intervals. Draining can also be done. To restore its popularity, a canteen or snack-bar can be opened. This place can become a popular holiday spot if taken care of properly.
Thanking you.
Yours sincerely

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