Mr. Denis Lewiston,
Personnel Manager,
CMC Holdings Limited,
99 Miotoni Road,
City,Date ()


Dear Sir,


I am employed by your company on a full-time basis. I am also entitled to some generous stipend at the end of each month. I am however sad to let you know that the stipend I receive is insufficient to meet all my financial obligations and needs. You have also not responded to my consistent pleas for more pay appropriately.

It is in light of this that I have been forced to look for and indeed take up some part-time jobs. I applied for and received the offer of being a bartender at Westend Restaurant, which is around three street blocks away from this office.

I therefore officially request you to allow me to pursue this part-time job over and above the current one I hold at your office. I know this shall cause some disruptions in my availability and productivity as a whole.

However, you need not worry at all. I have spoken to a couple of my colleagues who have accepted to step in for me whenever I am away. We have also worked and agreed on a formula for compensation and overall liability. Please, hearken to my plea with compassion. I just have no other mean of getting round this problem!

With gratitude,
Mark Regev

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