Mr. Grant Jeffrey,
Vindale Research,
23 Albert Avenue,
City,Date ()


Dear Sir,


As you are aware, we are currently benchmarking the behavior of consumers with regards to changes in income levels and government policy. It is not possible to achieve such a feat without credible and accurate data. This is why we inevitably have to collect our own relevant data.

It is this need that forms the basis of my request. I would like you to give me the green light to go ahead and collect the data to this effect. Also accompanying the permission should be the various tools-of-trade that are necessary for carrying into execution the said role.

These include writing materials, transport, calculators, digital cameras, cell phones, and exercise books. You also have to furnish me with the relevant personnel and experts to help me out in this. The materials I have listed shall enable me to tackle the task as accurately and meaningfully as can possibly be.

Your authorization is by all means called for given the fact that I have to win the trust of the rest of my team members. It will also confer to me the confidence and the security I need to juggle my way as conveniently as can be. Kindly consider my plea with the utmost compassion.

Michael Johnson

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