Mr. Edward Hamilton,
UVW Enterprises,
11 Hamilton Drive,
City,Date ()


Dear Sir,


You already know that I applied to be considered for a vacancy in your organization. As part of the application process, candidates had to present themselves in person and argue their cases. You had to inform those candidates in advance though of this possibility.

I waited for a meaningful duration of time but to no avail. I did not receive the communications from you as should have been the case. This is why I have seen it necessary to draft a letter to you on my own as regards the issue.

I hereby officially ask you to allow me to come over for a job interview. In that interview, I hope to argue my case in person and show cause why I am your best bet. I also hope to open up to you regarding those aspects which you feel are obscure and hence in need of further clarification.

I am fully aware that you may not have contemplated such a request from me. It may also not be possible to squeeze some time for the interview from your congested timetable. However, I passionately plead that you relax your rules of engagement for the sake of accommodating this humble request of mine.

Duncan S. Oluoch

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