Dr. David Parkinson,
Head of Research Department,
HYU Laboratories,
22 Milton Street,
CityDate ()


Dear Sir,


Our laboratory is involved in the formulation and creation of powerful drugs. Obviously, it is impossible to come up with excellent formulae without having to carry out extensive research in the area. This is why some time out in the field for the sake of carrying out the research makes some sense.

The typical research is quite involving indeed. It entails the use of sophisticated machinery, tools, apparatus, and skills. With regards to this, I also ask you to furnish this vital co-operant tools-of-trade as you give me the green light to go ahead and conduct the research.

Before commencing the research, it is of utmost importance to meet and strategize as a team. You, therefore, have to make arrangements for us to meet as a team well in advance. You may also take advantage of that time to air any issues or concerns which you may want us to adhere to while on the ground.

Conducting researching also entails detaching from the duty station for some time. This will definitely impact adversely on our availability and with it our productivity for the affected duration of time. Do put in place the appropriate measures to care for such an eventuality.

Jacqueline Levers

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