To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Gina Martinez and I am writing to recommend Anwar Gergana for acceptance to your institution. I have 10 years of experience training, leading and mentoring young volunteers who join our Food Bank program to help those in need in our local community. I have been Anwar’s volunteer supervisor during his time working at the Downtown Food Bank for the last two years.

Anwar has shown great responsibility as he has learned and taken on more tasks over the last two years at the Food Bank. His skills in taking in, organizing and teaching information to others about the Food Bank purpose and processes have been truly inspirational. He has been my first volunteer to begin teaching and training our new volunteers, showing them how to work our computer system, stock the store room, take inventory and assist those who come into the Food Bank. He has also helped to streamline our processes by shortening inventory taking by 10%, making us more efficient and thus able to help more people in the community.

I feel that his dedication to helping those less fortunate aligns well with your own mission to give back to those that we learn and gain in life. His work not only helping with Food Bank processes but also listening to and caring for those that come into our space has inspired many of his peers. Many who join our team reference Anwar as their reason for being interested.

I do hope you strongly consider Anwar for acceptance to your program, as I believe he would be an invaluable member of your student body. His dedication to learning, teaching and helping others is unparalleled in any other volunteer member I have seen. Please reach out to me at [email protected] if you should have any further questions.

Gina Martinez

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