To: Bernard May
ManagerDate: 5th December 2018Dear Sir,



I would humbly like to request for a leave. It has been a whole year since my last leave and I think it is only fair that I ask for one now. This time is also convenient for me since I would like to spend the holidays with my family back at home.

I would like to request for a one-month leave so that I have enough time to enjoy the company of my family. I will be traveling a lot to reconnect with all my relatives who are scattered all over the country and this leave will give me ample time to get all this done.

I have been a hardworking employee all year round and this leave will give me time to rest and get ready for the next year. I would like to go on leave on 10th December and I will be back in my office on the same date next year January.

Yours sincerely
Angela Bedding


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