December 15, 2001

Mr. Rhoderick C. Macapagal
Capitangan, Abucay, Bataan

Dear Mr. Macapagal:

Sorry that we were not able to send you our new catalog because of a short delay in the shipment of your order. Your order is already packed and ready to shipped anytime once the confirmation arrives at these new prices,

4 bundle of towel (XH-8393) at $300
12 dozen of black small skirt (VW-36812) at $1500
24 dozen of pillow cases (BG-3673) at $4560

We already send you a new catalog and we will make sure that your name is in its proper place on our mailing list so that our future catalogs will reach you immediately.

Again thank you for patronage.

Very truly yours,

Victor Robles

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