Mrs. Pamela Huntington,
Independent High School,
P.O BOX 77819,
City,Date ()


Dear Madam,


I am writing to you as your student. You are my course instructor who teaches me Geography. Please note that I shall come late for the Geography lesson that is slated for Tuesday afternoon next week. This is because I shall leave school that morning for the hospital to visit my ailing mother.

This is crucial and inevitable since I am the first born and the de facto ‘head’ of my family given that my father is no more. I know for sure that this is not one of the legitimate grounds for skipping lessons or coming late for lessons. However, my unique circumstance, by all means, warrants an exception.

I have already laid down some steps and strategies for catching up on the portions of the lessons I shall have missed. My missing of the upcoming lessons shall therefore not result in too much of a disruption of the learning process at all.

Kindly heed my plea. If you wish to have me clarify some issues before determining whether to grant the plea or not, kindly let me know. I may also come over to you in person if you want to. I am eagerly awaiting your response as regards this particular issue.

Davis Michaelson

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