Ms. Diane Holloway,Highridge Academy,
P.O BOX 54466,


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Dear Madam,


I applied to be considered for admissions to your institution as a high school student. I filled out the application forms and submitted it alongside the supporting credentials. I am therefore confident that I met all the required thresholds and prerequisites to be considered as a serious applicant.

This being the case, I now plead that you may go ahead and grant me admissions to your institution. I badly need that chance for a variety of reasons. I hope to use the opportunity to further my studies and furnish my skills and talents. I also hope to create and nurture relationships which I plan to use later for the sake of advancing my life and career.

It is not strange or unexpected to find some aspects of my applications ambiguous. This is due to the fact that I just could not fill out the required fields strictly as you wanted them. I thus saw it fit to include some attachments and appendages to support my applications.

In case you find some aspects of my application ambiguous, do feel free to get back to me soonest possible. I am ready and on standby to handle such issues as promptly as can be. Kindly grant me admissions to your institution!

Yours truly,
Felix Stephenson

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