Mr. Clement Justus,
Human Resource Manager,
TVT Enterprises,
10 Wilmington Avenue,
CityDate ()


Dear Sir,


I am a student at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I am pursuing a course of study in the field of Mechanical Engineering. It is a greatly involving course of study which requires some hands-on experience. An internship with a reputable and relevant firm is hence by all means called for.

For this reason, I hereby tender my applications officially to you for consideration for the position of an intern. I plan to intern at your organization, should my application go through successfully, during the upcoming summer holiday (June to August).

I have already raised the money which I shall use to commute back and forth work. Though not compulsory, I highly urge you to consider giving me some allowance for the sake of motivating me and helping me to raise money for my studies.

Please note that I have not applied to any other organization for the same consideration. I, therefore, implore you to respond to me promptly, preferably within one week. This is to enable me to prepare for the unlikely eventuality of having to apply for consideration elsewhere.

Attached you will find copies of my student ID, latest provisional transcript, and a letter from the dean of students of my institution.

Yours truly,
Vincent Daniels

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