To: Mary Baker,
Chief Executive Officer,
Baker Consolidated.From: Alice Cooper,
Head of Marketing,
Baker Consolidated.Date: 21st June 2018.


Dear Sir,


I am requesting permission to travel to England over the weekend to visit my sister. I would like to see my sister since she has just given birth to a daughter and I really want to meet my niece. She is still in the hospital and I wanted to get there before she is discharged so that I could help out as she moves back to her house.

The whole family will be there on Sunday to welcome the baby. The trip will take a total of five days. I wanted permission to travel on 23rd June and I will return on 28th June. On the next day I will be all rested up and ready for work.

I will leave the department in the hands of my assistant, Jackson Blasio, who I believe is more than capable of taking care of things. I have all the arrangements ready and I am just waiting for your permission to set things in motion.

Thank you!

Yours sincerely
Alice Cooper

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