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Gopal Colony, Agaram
Chennai .600078
The Editor, Times of India

To Editor
Times of India

Subject: Raising  Awareness Towards Solar Energy

Sir , Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I hope to make the people realise about the growing need and demands of solar power. We all know that our mother earth is getting polluted day by day. The human beings have become so greedy that in order to lead a luxurious life, they are overusing the electricity and ruining the precious reassure on the earth. We must conserve electricity otherwise we would be in dearth of electricity in near future .
We could certainly conserve electricity if we start using solar power systems. Various kinds of solar systems like solar cookers, solar lanterns, solar heating and cooking system, solar water heater, etc., are available in the market.
These solar systems doesn’t cause any pollution. They are affordable and are available in different sizes. So, I solemnly request you to publish this letter in your newspaper to make people aware of the need of conserving electricity and limiting electricity bills. The public must pay attention to the dire need of switching over to solar energy.
Thanking you.
Yours sincerely