Write a letter to the editor of  national daily, expressing your opinion and views on the increased human dependence on technology. Right from a small child to an adult, or even an old man, everyone wants gadgets only-cell phone, I-pod, laptop, etc. This also has a negative effect on social relationships. Using your own ideas and the unit, ‘Science’, vyrite the letter in 100-120 words.

230 Patparganj ,  Delhi
15th May, 2019

The Editor The Times of India New Delhi

Subject: Excessive Human Dependence on Technology .

Through this letter of mine, I wish to draw the attention of everyone towards the increased dependence of humans on technology. We use internet for any type of information which we find only a click away. Everyone, whether a child or an adult, wants gadgets like cell phones, I-pod, laptop, etc. No doubt, technology is a boon to mankind and has a great future ahead. But in my opinion, we should not depend on it as excess of everything is bad. It is making everyone lethargic . On the other hand, cyber crimes are also increasing day by day ..
We must make judicious use of technology and should not totally depend on it. We must believe in natural and simple living. We must engage in hobbies which requires zero technology . Technology can be bane as well .
I hope you will publish this letter in your newspaper for better future of human beings.

Thanking you.
Yours sincerely

Harshita .

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