The true aim of education is to turn our children into ‘power children,’ those who have been empowered through attainment of knowledge, skilling, and emotional reinforcement. Making our homes and schools safe and child friendly is a task we have to perform in order to expedite the achievement of a safe and habitable society for our kids.

Making the child capable of negotiating the challenges of life with confidence, imparting to the child an ability to accept difference and live together in a society made up of a variegated populace, fostering the creative impulse in the child for the betterment of individual as well as society, and enhancing the significance of knowledge through value addition are the immediate objectives to be sought and fulfilled.

As a pioneer educational institution, we are committed to foster the values of social and national integration, mental as well as physical well being, deep knowledge and perpetual inquisitiveness, freedom, democracy and scientific temperament, critical and creative thinking skills, and vocational competence

Acquiring good social skills values and practicing them in the school context will definitely help every student to convert the school into a land of bliss. The joy of achieving more and more in academic skills and feeling significance is indeed home atmosphere.

Above and beyond all this, the school is a crucial stage in the voyage of self-discovery every child must undertake in order to attain the fulfilment that is promised at the time of everyone’s birth. Let us go forward together in this mission!

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