Mr. E. Sampath
Hindustan Paints and Chemicals
Sankaran Street,
Nungambakkam, Chennai

Dear Sir,

Sub:  Transfer application.

I would like to apply for a transfer to the Trivandrum branch and will be grateful to you if you will forward my application as appropriate.

I have enjoyed the warmth and friendship of my colleagues in the Chennai branch and had a good time working with them.  However, my husband has been transferred to Trivandrum about five months back and I am finding it difficult to manage alone with my two little children.  At first we had decided that I will continue here and that my husband would soon apply for a transfer back here.  But my husband is very satisfied with the work environment in Trivandrum and wants us to join him there.

I think I have been sincere in my work here and hope to do my best in the Trivandrum branch too.  It will be a great favor on your part if this request is granted.

Yours Sincerely,

Umadevi Govindan

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